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To best describe Pestro company’s philosophy, I would like to briefly tell you the story of its creation. Working in different areas of business, from time to time I had to deal with small pests. I had always tried as quickly as possible to extricate myself from this problem, but eventually I came to the following conclusions:

  • Despite the great danger posed by pests to human health and welfare, the problem in Ukraine is often simply ignored at all levels.
  • Most of the tools and techniques are morally and technically outdated. To some of them pests have become resistant, others can hurt people.
  • The service is at the Stone Age. Many companies perform their work formally, without trying to solve the problem at the root, and guarantee nothing. They come, poison, take money and leave. A month later, you have to call to another company.

Then I turned to the practice of Western experts who have a successful experience in pest control in Europe and the U.S.A. The difference is visible with the naked eye. And I thought why not to create a similar service in Ukraine? So, the company Pestro has been set up — with a simple and modern philosophy, which is:

  • Pest Control is not just our job. This is our common security.
  • We say “No” to «old-methods» that became old yet in the last century. We use modern technologies, which are safe for human health.
  • Just finding the cause, you can eliminate the consequences. We are looking for the problem at its root and solve it in the first place.
  • Each case is individual. Pestro’s experts look into the problem of every client and find a particular, optimal solution. We do not use chemicals, where we can do without it.
  • Modern service, confidentiality and comfort. Either it is pest control or rodent control we do our best not to violate your habitual way of business and private life.
  • Your reputation is our reputation. We are like no one else interested in pest control so pests can disappear from your life forever. Therefore, we always provide documented warranty of our work and implement preventive control.

They say, there is no limit to perfection but you can always strive to the best. That’s how we, «Pestro» company, work. And I truly believe that you will be satisfied with the quality of our service. At the moment, all those with whom we have worked are happy, except, of course, the pests. J


Sergei Vashchenko

Director of Pestro